Book Signing

Book signing at Krispy Creations 7013 North 58th Drive Glendale, Arizona

From 1 to 3 PM


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Hannah Stevens, author to be on KFNX News 1100 AM Talk Radio September 11

Hannah Stevens will be talking about her books, Madam POTUS and the prequel, The Presidents Wife September 11 at 3:30.  Tune in, listen and find out what these books are all about. This will be a half hour show and you will be able to call in a talk with the author.

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By Elaine Mays – Freelance journalist and travel writer

The most important and the most underpaid job in the world – Motherhood. How we raise our children affects mankind and society for generations and, yet is the most underpaid, underrated job in the world. Mostly women care for, teach and nurture the children 7 by 24 and expect little or nothing in return. Their only reward is that the children learn and become productive, caring human beings but that’s about all. Many women give up large salaries and benefits for this job, out of love for their children, relying on a partner to take up the slack. But then when women reach retirement what do they have? If they have never worked they don’t have a 401K or likely no money set aside for those later years. Many times the partner is gone for one reason or another. And this is where Social Security comes to their aid. If it were not for Social Security more women would be living in poverty and unable to live out their lives in relative comfort. It is essential that we preserve this safety net for women who raise the children. It is the least we can do for these heroic women.

Madam POTUS ad to appear in the New York Review of Books

An ad for Madam POTUS will be in the prestigious New York Review of Books on April 26. This bi-weekly publication is the place to go to find out about the latest and most important books.

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